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    In multifarious world, we pursue contracted and comfortable, dinkum does not have miscellaneous life condition, it is to let a home look more clean not only, more beautiful, more the longing that wants to satisfy oneself inmost of the heart to live originally truly.

     1F客厅& Living room



    Female owner is perfectionist, like contracted and delicate life, because this we chose on the style, contemporary and contracted design. Pay attention to the sense of quality and elegance, for them to create a high-quality life of the home atmosphere.

    Low luxury, as the name suggests is low-key luxury; It is representing a kind of life attitude, low-key, comfortable, nondestructive however high with refined, do not want to show off, want to enjoy the beauty of the life to the top of one's bent only. "Luxury" refers to luxury, which is not a dazzling luxury but an attitude of dressing attentively.

    -1F玄关& Entrance


    Through the fat fat fat soft body, we can feel it to deliver to us a kind of life tension.

    -1影视厅& cinema


    The ground floor is an open and leisure space. Although it is the basement, the natural light from the patio and the light from the background add a bright atmosphere to the space. Integral space broke away from the constraint of the style, have the Chinese style artistic conception of bright bright moon already, continuous hill, have the contemporary abstraction of full of humour to place a thing again. Comfortable coriaceous sofa is sitting feeling and bouncing orange are transmitting the temperature of the life, build dimensional texture to feel jointly qualitative, let the person that reside feels the space expression with the simplest.


    The first floor is the guest dining room space, jazz white marble and black wood veneer collocation, simple and generous sofa background, rich level contrast let the whole living room in the gentle rhythm to add a jump. Of whole space decorate elaborate and refined, concise and fastidious gray fastens cloth art furniture, put in time place place, the gray fastens grain that lay out to act the role of carpet, let its can yet be regarded as the admirable place that waits for a person to receive.

    1F客厅& Living room


    The design of the building itself is a townhouse design with north-south ventilation and daylighting. In order to ensure smooth indoor air circulation and bright daylighting, the design of the guest restaurant is open, perfectly combining functions and aesthetics, and the space is clean and bright. The restaurant's natural marble dining table is the highlight, highlighting the texture of the stone itself, warm orange ochre is the main ornament of the villa design. Designers will be the understanding of life into it, not the pursuit of extreme luxury, but the quality of life to explore tireless.

    1F厨房& kitchen

    2F小孩房一& Kids room


    The room is neutral in tone, with light grey fabric curtains and hardwood flooring, creating a layered space in which warm orange ochre is a bright color in the room's design.

     2F小孩房二& Kids room


    The second floor is the sleeping area, which is the room for the owner's two children. The design of children room has contemporary tong zhen breath and pure colour more, it is fundamental key with white, what do not emphasize colour excessively is luxuriant, the desk of tie-in log color, present a warm color to move, sweet atmosphere.

    2F书房& Study


    The study is open mode, hold a space already wide feeling differentiates functional sex again, the layout that connect fully not only can promote light to penetrate and air flow, also can borrow the outspread of the vision, series gives a broader view to experience. Desk of black facing and bookcase, formed clever collision with the metope of the white different model carpet of zebra grain, artistic lacquer facing, build a more fashionable expression for the space.

    3F主卧& Master bedroom



    In an interior space that pays attention to the beauty of structure, skeleton and architecture, we need to carefully consider colors. We used gray tone to interpret our idea, gray hard bag background and gray curtain, match wood color again added sweet feeling for the space.

    Here you will find that design is not only a skill, but also the ability to capture the feeling and insight of the essence of things. The designer highlights the texture through some delicate soft outfit elements, while adding some unexpected functions and details, thus highlighting a high-quality lifestyle.

    3F主卧卫生间& Inner guard


    楼梯& Stairs


    Clouds of starry lights flickered dreamily from the top.

    1F花园& Garden


    In the layout of the garden, the design uses the combination of geometric graphics, round cobblestone vegetable field, irregular rectangular combination of marble background and green plants, etc., which is full of complex and changeable creative combination in the simple external expression.

    合影&Group photo


    Good design speaks for itself! When you get home and leave your busy life behind, you will feel the happiness you have been waiting for. Happiness comes in many forms, the simplest of which is home.








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