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    With the acceleration of urbanization, the contradiction between population density and the scarcity of land resources is increasingly intensified. How to optimize the living environment has become one of the important changes in urban development.


    Lu Neng Mei Li Hui community business project is an exploration case of the current situation. This project is located at the intersection of Shun Heng street and Qian An road, Shun Yi district, Beijing. It is a commercial complex with the community as the core. The whole building is divided into three floors above ground and three underground floors, among which the underground floor is a gastronomic theme block. The original project was planned as a department store. The column network structure, the void relation and the building height reservation conditions were reserved for the department store to maximize the profit area. However, the owners were determined to transform the interior into the shopping center, and the design team redesign the store and shopping street.


    ▼Commercial circulation and entry relations





    The shopping center is centered around the design concept of the street park, with trees, fallen leaves, winding paths and a corner of the park for playing, which adds interest and warmth to the community life.


    ▼architectural section 



    【The east entrance|Dandelion flies】


    Entering the main entrance, the radial theme smallpox comes into view, just like the flying dandelion blowing on the smallpox. The condole that collects in the center is acted the role of form visual central point, embedded lamplight, can follow festiva irregular change color. The annular open design changes the original rigid and square layout. The encircling design not only weakens the sense of spatial boundary but also ensures the visualization of the store to the maximum extent.


    ▼An illustration of the entrance design


    ▼East main entrance




    ▼Ceiling plan




    【West side secondary entrance|The woods are full of sunshine and shadows】


    The original building was a square corridor along the east-west axis, with a narrow north-south depth, unable to form a circular moving line relationship. Therefore, the single moving line form and the excessively long and straight connecting corridor could not lead the flow of people to the secondary entrance on the west side. Therefore, the design team improved this relationship from the design method, and enlarged the west entrance as the node space as possible to strengthen the sense of ritual.


    ▼Concept drawing of the ceiling




    The ceiling is designed to connect the cross separation of the relationship between the column network, like the free growth and extension of trees, to form a visual guide line, combined with the light film of the large area of the ceiling, to become the regional focus. At the same time the ground design USES the curve form with integral fluent, form the distributary guidance on the vision with smallpox echo.


    ▼West main entrance


    ▼Two floors elevator hall



    【South side secondary entrance|Leaf epidermis】


    ▼South side secondary entrance



    The south entrance is the entrance of the park. The meandering path of the park extends to the inside of the mall, weakening the relationship between inside and outside. The spatial relationship improves the monotony of the single moving line and increases the flexibility through the continuity of the main and secondary entrance themes. At the same time, different visual forms are used to divide the hierarchy of each entrance.


    ▼Shopping central core area



    ▼Shopping central corridor



    The leaf vein of the corridor is derived from the ceiling of each theme, and the flowing branches and tendrils link up the visual drop point of the store. The corner of shops is extended by arc, which weakens the sharp relationship brought by right-angle relationship and increases the visibility of shops.


    ▼Floor plan




    【Empty atrium|Colorful leaves falling】


    The atrium is located in the center of the building, retaining the original skylight design. The skylight is showered with transparent acrylic decorative chandeliers, and the mottled light and shadow interweave with the scattered leaves to create a colorful scene of fallen leaves. The elegant wood tone in the public area highlights the main tone of the shopping mall with the positioning of community and family. Meanwhile, the public area tries to use the tone of low saturation to avoid color conflicts with shops


    ▼Lighting concept


    ▼East - west axis atrium



    ▼Modeling analysis of side panels with overhangs 




    【Gourmet themed street on the ground floor|Elegant town】


    The ground floor is divided into supermarket area and rent area .The design of the entrance to the supermarket takes the curved vein of the ceiling as the guide line to add interesting changes to the narrow and long space. Meanwhile, the semi-open ceiling design solves the electromechanical pipe complex problem.


    ▼Access escalator



    The design style of the upper floor is continued in the outer rent area. The raw wood, hemp rope, steel plate and cement with more rough texture are selected to increase the sense of the block appropriately. The floor design has guiding function. So as to achieve customer diversion.


    ▼Rent area




    Lu Neng Mei Li Hui community business USES design language to bring the joy of a corner of the park into the shopping center. The combination of architectural design and space environment, through the overall artistic treatment of indoor and outdoor space, so as to achieve the unity of humanity, environment and development. The flowing design form attracts customers to go deep into every corner of the space to realize the maximum value of commercial buildings. At the same time, it creates a soft transition and interesting visual effect, which adds rich diversity to the community life in the new urban area of Shui Yi.

    项目位置:北京市 | 顺义?#40065;?#21306;








    Project location: Beijing | Shun Yi new district

    Construction area: 50,955㎡

    Interior design area: 8,602㎡

    Design/completion time: 2017.2 -- 2018.10

    Designer: CCDI 

    Project leaders: Yu Hong Yi 、Tan Chao

    The supervision unit: CCDI GW Studio

    Main materials: Natural stone color grindstone, A-grade wood grain non-combustible board, White aluminum board, Wood grain aluminum square, Cement brick

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